Our Services

When the time comes choosing final arrangements for your pet can be difficult and distressing. Knowing and understanding what your choices are will hopefully help you make the right decision. All the services we provide are handled with care and dignity. 

Our services include individual cremations and burials and we are happy to collect pets from your home or Veterinary Practice returning their ashes within a few days in an urn, or casket of your choice. Alternatively you may wish to bring your pet to us yourself and place in our peaceful sanctuary, giving you a last moment together.

Individual Cremation

This is when your pet is cremated alone, within an enclosed chamber and ashes returned in a casket of your choice, possibly a scatter pouch or an engraved oak casket, or ashes can be placed in our peaceful Garden of Remembrance. Clients are guaranteed that the ashes they receive are only those of their pet.

If you wish to view the choices of caskets for the returning of your pets ashes you can click this link to find out more. Please contact us to discuss the choice of urns that we can provide, or if we can be of any assistance.

Communal Cremation

This is a simple cremation when your pet is cremated with other domestic animals at our private crematorium.  The ashes are buried in a special communal plot in the Garden of Remembrance with your pets name plaque. Owners can visit these areas in the garden at anytime.

Burial Service

Pets can be buried with or without a coffin, in a plot of your choice in our Garden of Remembrance. We hope we can make laying your beloved pet to rest as dignified an occasion as possible. We can advise on a fitting memorial to make this special place truly unique to you. Owners are more than welcome to be present at the burial of their pet should they wish. A special pets service can be provided on request. Owners are welcome to visit their pets grave anytime.

If you wish to choose a headstone as a lasting reminder you may click here to see some examples.
Many people find having a special memorial to their pet is a great comfort.

Please contact us in the office on 01548 853785 to talk to Julie, Caroline or Steve to discuss your individual choices and costs and where we can give you our special attention at all times.