Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery - Human Burials - Panorama

Within the rolling hills of South Devon lies a peaceful and tranquil woodland setting overlooking beautiful views of the countryside created as a perfect final resting place for the ashes of owners and their faithful companions.

Woodland Cemetery - Human Burials MapOur Woodland Cemetery has been created beside our Pets Garden of Remembrance. Offering burial services in a nature friendly, green alternative to the traditional cemetery.

The environmental woodland burial ground has been kept as natural as possible by the planting of 180 specimen trees including maple, cherry and chestnut surrounded by woodland bulbs and meadow flowers. Paths lead gently around the burial sites, where there are places to sit and enjoy the scenery or to ponder in peace.

We offer you the freedom to choose a plot of your liking and talk to our sympathetic team who will guide you through the process and support you all the way.

We do kindly ask that only meadow flowers and woodland bulbs are planted in this area. Bouquets of flowers are most welcome. Headstones and wooden benches can be purchased from the company.

Polite Request. No shrubs to be planted and no artificial flowers or ornaments to be left on graves.


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